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This is the ultimate front sump oil pan for the M5X/S5X engines!This kit is a replacement/upgrade for the E34 oil pan commonly used in most E30 24V engine swaps. The pan has a higher capacity of 9 liters (9.5 quarts) and 1" more ground clearance than the E34 pan. They are made from aluminum with a billet machined 6061, 1/2" thick flange. Included is a billet oil pickup for the shortened height with a serviceable screen. The pan has 4 compartments, 6 trap doors and a removable windage tray intended to keep oil at the pickup at all times, preventing oil starvation during acceleration, braking and cornering. Also included is a dipstick and tube assembly. The dipstick has a billet 6061, CNC turned, laser engraved handle and a stainless cable with level indicator. The handle design is inspired by the DTM E30 M3 shift knob. The dipstick tube is 6061 tubing and -AN connected to the pan to eliminate the factory leaky o-ring design. The tube will need to be bent to your preferred location. Also included is a separate billet flywheel blockoff plate, this means no more long bolts in the rear and easy access to those bolts when necessary. The kit will come with hardware for the thicker flange and an OEM BMW S65 drain plugs with crush washers. Per popular request, all kits now come with a standard 17mm BMW drain plug on the passenger side!


Product add-ons:

CCV Drain (+$30) except S54
If you are choosing to retain the OEM CCV system on these engines, this will be necessary for drainback to the oil pan. This option will add a -8AN male fitting to the pan and a Vibrant Performance push lock fitting that is close to the factory CCV drain. You may need to trim the drain hose to fit depending on application. 

Turbo Oil Return (+$20)
Upon request, a -10AN male fitting can be added to the exhaust side of the oil pan for easy turbo oil drain routing.

S54 Valve Cover Oil Drain (+$35) 
The S54 has a drain pipe that runs from the valve cover to the oil pan on the exhaust side. This option will add a -6an male fitting on the exhaust side to accommodate the drain. 

S54 Crankcase Vent ($38)
This option will add a -4an male fitting to the intake side of the pan and include a push lock fitting and vibrant performance rubber hose to adapt the factory crankcase vent system.

Powdercoat (+$200)
Powdercoat stone black. Email for custom colors.

Include OEM Gaskets (+$70)
This option will include OEM oil pan gasket and pickup tube gasket.


Disclaimer of liability/warranty - Due to the nature of their intended use (Performance/modified vehicles) Harper Fabrication products are sold without any expressed or implied warrantee. Harper Fabrication makes no claim of these products merchantability or fitness to a particular application. Harper Fabrication will not be liable in any special, incidental or consequential damages, including, but not limited to damage or loss of property, profits, cost of replacement goods, etc. The user assumes all liability for the use of these products. Harper Fabrication reserves the right to make product updates without notice and without incurring liability with respect to products previously manufactured.